Kalyca project

Kalyca is a women's ready-to-wear label that draws inspiration from West Africa. This project is born of my passion for fashion, transmitted by my mother. At the origin of Kalyca, a simple idea, that associating the African textile know-how with the French excellence in the garment making. This complementarity allows me to make the best of each culture to make quality clothes. Because West Africa has weavers and dyers of exception, my desire is to promote their traditional work and to make it known on other continents. Anxious to fight against all forms of exploitation and to pay the work at its fair value, I pledge to respect the interests of each and to practice a fair and transparent price policy.

Filage du coton

About me

Born in Abidjan, I spent twenty-seven years of my life in Ivory Coast. After a master's degree in marketing, I worked for ten years in the banking sector, including five in France. In 2019, I decided to change my way to make my passion of fashion my job. After almost a year of creation, I present you my first collection Ayo spring-summer 2020.

Lynda Cazilhac

Lynda Cazilhac