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A family company

The essence of Kalyca is the Lynda Cazilhac's passion for fashion she inherited from his mother from an early age. Her lifeblood is the need to give sense to her life and the will to act to a better world. The trigger was the bird of her first child, a personal turmoil which led to a professional turning point.

Kalyca is a real family company. The young entrepreneur works with her mother, with the support of her husband, while reconciling her professional and personal lifes. A business on a human scale that places human at the centre of her activity. From the artisan to the customer through the supplier and the collaborator, Lynda is most concerned in creating trusting relationships with each and everyone.

Lynda Cazilhac


Born in Abidjan, I spent twenty-seven years of my life in Côte d'Ivoire. After a master's degree in marketing, I worked ten years in the banking sector, including five in France. In 2019, I decided to change lanes to make my passion for fashion my profession. In 2020, after almost a year of creation, I present to you my first collection.

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Helene of Kalyca


Based on thitry years experience as designer and pattern maker, Hélène is the technical advisor of Kalyca. She validates every garment design depending on its technical feasability.
She also make quality controls at the various manufacturing steps, then she check that each garnment that leaves fashion workshop is conform to the Kalyca specifications.