Praise of sorority

The word sorority comes from the Latin soror, which means sister or cousin. It refers to the solidarity between women. Sorority is presented as the feminine equivalent of fraternity. Far from any will to use it as a feminist claim, I wanted to put forward this concept through a T-shirt, because sorority has always been part of my life.

The feminin solidarity in everyday life

Throughout my childhood spent in Côte d'Ivoire, I lived in a great feminine solidarity. My mother was helped by her sister during difficult times. I grew up with my cousin with whom I still have a close relationship today. I recently found some childhood friends with whom we talk as if we had never left each other. In fact, we call each other "my sister", proof of the strength of our bond. The people who have had an important role in my life are often women. I am thinking of the two HR managers who helped me get my two jobs, the first in Ivory Coast, the second in France. Or this lady who, with two men, formed the immigration committee in charge of deciding on my future on French territory. She gave me a sympathetic look which meant that she understood my situation. I am convinced that she pleaded on my behalf with her male colleagues. These examples do not illustrate any sexism. These women did not help me because I am a woman, but they understood me because I am a woman. And it is this understanding, linked to a feminine sensitivity, that is the basis of sisterhood.

How Kalyca helps women

When I created Kalyca, I wanted to combine business activity with a humanistic activity. Sensitive to the condition of women in Africa, I work with structures that train women in Burkina Faso in extremely precarious situations in handicrafts, offering them a chance to escape from poverty. For the dyeing of fabrics, I work with a craftswoman from the Ivory Coast who has a micro-business that hires women who are also in precarious situations. Sisterhood, a word that is increasingly present in the news, carried by the wave of feminism, expresses values of mutual aid between women that have always existed. It is this solidarity that I wish to highlight. Because, as an Ivorian slogan says: We are together!

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comments (2)

    • Frédérique
    • 2021-03-07 16:33:06
    La sororité est un vrai concept qui s'est aussi souvent vérifié dans ma vie personnelle. Il n'est pas question de favoritisme ni même de discrimination positive, mais juste d'une relation solidaire entre humains qui partagent la même condition, celle d'être une femme.
    • Tamara
    • 2021-10-07 09:45:20
    Le féminisme est mal compris par certains hommes qui le veulent le fair passer pour une discrimination. Etre féministe, c'est défendre les droits de la femme, ce n'est pas être contre les hommes ! Assumons notre sororité.

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