Teinture artisanale en Afrique

African handcrafting

The African continent has an exceptional know-how in the fields of weaving and textile dyeing. It is the handmade work of these artisans with golden hands that we highlight in our creations.

We use handmade fabrics usually reserved for traditional outfits worn during ceremonies in West Africa.

Our dyes are made according to the "tie and dye" process, which consists in obtaining colored patterns by first knotting the fabrics, which are then immersed in vegetable dye baths.

These ancestral manual techniques, respectful of the environment, are part of our eco-responsible approach.

Wearing a creation made with African craftsmanship means choosing quality while participating in the preservation of ancestral dyeing and weaving techniques.

Fabrication française

drapeau françaisFrench manufacturing

France holds a very important place in the life of Lynda Cazilhac, creator of the brand. A land of welcome, a country of adoption, she settled in France and discovered its culture, its clothing know-how, its timeless fashion. Producing in France was both an obvious choice and a commitment to this country that has given her so much.

All our creations are therefore made in France. They pass through the hands of craftsmen who love their work, women and men who have a taste for work well done and perpetuate French excellence.

Silk from Lyon, lace from Puy-en-Velay or leather from Romans-sur-Isère are all examples of the French know-how that we highlight in our creations.

We believe that choosing the made in France is to favor quality, transparency and support the national economy.

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